Rockford Scanner®: Sources reporting a dead body in Loves Park

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Update from Mario M.
“The body that was found, was found at Rick’s ribs off of Riverside and Pleasant Drive.patrons of the establishment noticed a gentleman hunched over in his vehicle. After knocking on the window and getting no response the patrons opened the door and tried to shake the gentleman. With no response Rick the owner of the restaurant and one of the patrons Joe Sanchez pulled the gentleman out of the vehicle and he was laid upon A quilt on the ground. One of the female patrons who was in the medical field started chest compressions as the police were called by the establishment’s cashier. Once the police were on site after about a  very short wait, they took over chest compressions and also started more advanced resuscitation tactics. The gentleman was taken by ambulance to Rockford Memorial Hospital.”

Sources reporting a dead body in Loves Park

Early this afternoon, sources were reporting a dead body near E Riverside and Pleasant ave.

Reports of a dead man near the SW part of this intersection.

Emergency personnel were trying to revive the man by doing CPR.

It is not yet known, if they were able to resuscitate the victim.

Unknown on the cause.

No other information, due to the encryption.


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