Rockford Scanner®: You Can Stop Rockford Criminals, by Tanker

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You Can Stop Rockford Criminals, by Tanker

Again Rockford Scanner is reporting vehicles stolen in Rockford. I hope the vehicles are recovered in good condition, and that the Criminals face justice.

All Rockford Scanner fans should know these facts:

Criminals won’t steal your vehicle if you lock it with the engine off, windows up, and take your keys. Rockford Criminals are not patient or needy enough to break into a locked car, defeat the steering interlock, and/or hot wire the ignition. They don’t have to, because they can easily find unlocked running cars to jack, especially at convenience stores, and warming up in driveways early in the morning.

It’s up to US to stop these Criminals! ALWAYS lock your car! ALWAYS!

Rockford Criminals use stolen cars to commit other crimes. Innocent people have been KILLED by Rockford Criminals in stolen cars! DON’T BE part of the problem! Lock your car ALWAYS! NEVER leave it running unattended.

Am I blaming or shaming victims? No! I’m just trying to STOP these Criminals crimes, and all the costs and violence they cause. Rockford has many HUNDREDS of opportunistic Criminals who think NOTHING of grabbing an EASY car, and there are many Criminals who come here from out of town too for the easy pickings. Is that the way the world SHOULD be? No, but that is the world THE WAY IT IS, and we law-abiding citizens can EASILY STOP the Criminals by simply locking our vehicles!

One victim said “Help get the real criminals off the streets.” I agree with her that I want these Criminals OUT of Rockford. However, realistically, that will never happen! We don’t have the political will or courage or leadership to drive out these Criminals for good. We all should face up to the fact that the Rockford Criminals  menace is permanent, and that we have to ACT FOR OURSELVES to defend against it. And in the case of protecting our vehicles, it is SO EASY to do!

All Rockford Scanner fans should know those facts!

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