Rockford Scanner™: BREAKING NEWS: Body Found Near The Airport


Winnebago County Coroner has identified the body as 58-year-old Randy Wilder. The coroner said he was homeless but from the Rockford area. Autopsy is pending and toxicology will take around 3 weeks.


Around 10 am several emergency personnel were responding to a body found in Rockford.

UPDATE: The body has been in the water a long time, it is  badly decomposed. They are unable to tell if it is male or female.  While doing the recovery, the rescue boat tipped and a water rescue was needed for the emergency personnel who were recovering the body.  All four inside the boat were rescued, two of them were sent to the hospital. The Winnebago County Coroner will conduct an autopsy to see how the person died, and try to get an identification of the body. Still developing.


It happened near the old ace of diamonds, S Main and Beltline.

Reports of a body that was found on or near the island.

Initial reports are saying the body is near the bridge, along a log in the river near the island on the north side.

The person who found the body is in a boat

Still developing,check back later for updates