Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Injuries At A Scene, Still Developing

is on scene at 200 Hemlock Lane. Four people have been transported to local hospitals with non life threatening injuries. People were in a bouncy house that was rolled over by the wind and eventually causing it to strike power lines and a utility pole


Several people injured at Rockford Christian after  a pole came down and injured some people including some children. (Update)

Reports of at least 4 victims, and 4 ambulances have been dispatched.

Also Comed has been dispatched to the scene.

Not yet known exactly what happened. All we know is there is at least 4 victims, several ambulances en route and Comed also en route.

If you know what happened, contact us

UPDATE FROM A FAN: That Rockford Christian story is four kids that were in a bouncy house and the pole fell and swung around through the bouncy house and I guess the kids went flying. One is alright but there are two that are pretty bad. All got injured