Rockford Scanner™: 5 Business Sold Tobacco To Minors During A Sting


The Janesville Police Department Street Crimes Unit working in cooperation with the Youth2Youth 4 Change program conducted compliance checks at businesses’ selling tobacco products within the City of Janesville.

The purposes of the checks is to determine customers are properly identified prior to the sale of tobacco products. 52 businesses were inspected, and 5 citations were issued for violation of 5.24.020, sale of tobacco to minor.

Violations were documented at the following locations:

600 W. Milwaukee St, 5 Points Grocery
2622 E Milwaukee, Smokers World
2811 Milton Ave, Xtreme Smoke
3359 Milton Ave, Kwik Trip
1951 Center Ave, BP

The following businesses were found to be compliant:

3123 S Hwy 51, Kwik Trip
1401 W Court St, J&R Liquor
1820 W Court, Family Dollar
1822 W Court, Xtreme Smoke
1933 W Court, Walgreens
2200 W Court St # 110, Dollar General
2518 W Court, Kwik Trip
2601 W Court, Casey’s General Store
2807 W Court, Cork and Bottle
2019 Center Ave, Dollar General
1905 Center Ave, Xtreme Smoke
1820 Center Ave, Family Dollar
1740 Center Ave, Walgreens
1747 Center Ave, Clark
1542 Center Ave, Casey’s General Store
1507 Center Ave, Badger Spirits
1445 Center Ave, Exxon
714 Center Ave, Stop N Go
108 Center Ave, Roman’s
1002 S Jackson, Citgo

1840 Beloit Ave, BP
104 E Racine, Lions Quick Mart1514 E Racine, Grain and Grape
1604 E Racine, Stop N Go
951 N Washington, BP
1804 E Milwaukee, Stop N Go
1905 E Milwaukee, Exxon
1924 E Milwaukee, Liquor Cabinet
3515 E Milwaukee, Stop N Go
5 S Harmony, Family Dollar
3439 Mt Zion, Vineyard
254 E Memorial, Kwik Trip
1418 W Memorial, Cork and Bottle
650 Midland, BP
3222 Humes Rd, TA Express
2233 Humes Rd, Festival Foods
404 N Parker Dr, C itgo
1501 Creston Park, Schnucks
1215 Milton Ave, Mobil
1527 Milton Ave, Cigarette Depot
1717 Milton Ave, Walgreens
2615 Milton Ave, Lions Quick Mart
3420 Milton Ave, Exxon
3961 Milton Ave, Mulligans Gas Station
2819 N Lexington Dr, Woodman’s Grocery
2915 N Lexington Dr, Woodman’s Gas
3800 Deerfield, Walmart
2519 Kettering, Walgreens