Rockford Scanner™: Two People Just Shot in Rockford

UPDATE:  Police have arrested this man in connection to the double shooting. The suspects abandoned their vehicle near 11th st and 7th ave (The 2nd scene listed below) and police located the alleged suspects nearby. Police arrested 2 people, but have only released information on this one.

Sources reporting two people that were just shot in Rockford.

It happened in the 600 block of 17th st around 12:40 pm today

Reports of at least two people that have been shot near this location.

One person was reported to have been shot 5 times, another victim shot in the groin area.  (Still unconfirmed) RPD did say the injuries on both victims were non life threatening.

No suspect information, due to the encryption.

Still developing. Check back later for updates

UPDATE: Possible 2nd location 11th st and 7th ave

RS fan is saying:   6th ave and 17th st cops chasing several suspects all around the church hill park area! Approx. 30 police officers in the area working the scene.

Note: While this double shooting happened, the Mayor is having a march in Rockford about domestic violence.

RS Fan Joseph Celletti “It happened I’m my alley. Both were hurt pretty bad I think one could be paralyzed he could not move his legs.”

RS Fan DeAnne Lynnette “I was in my bedroom reading, and heard the shots”

Video by Jenni G.