Rockford Scanner™: Police Perimeter On the East Side

We are getting reports of a police perimeter on the East side


It is currently on going in the areas from 20th ave, Kishwaukee, 7th st, etc… In this neighborhood. Several officers in the area. It appears they are searching for a suspect in the area.

As you know, police are encrypted. So no suspect information.

We been told it was a shooting/murder suspect they are searching for. But we can not confirm this, due to the encryption.

It is safe to say this is a dangerous situation, so please do not go outside and avoid this area.

We will post updates, if they become available



Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Runs have plagued the area recently, Another Hit & Run To A RS Fan

RS fan Kira Ashley:

“Hello Rockford Scanner,this is Kira Ashley. Earlier today my fiance and I were driving down Charles street and are looking for a red car that has cut in front of us while reckless driving and caused an accident,the car wouldn’t stop. This was a hit and run,as he fled the scene immediately.

The car that caused the hit and run is a maroon red dodge stratus sport. He is a dangerous driver. Here’s some damage he caused today not including another innocent bystander with a child in the car was hit because of the reckless driving as well.”


Hit & Runs have plagued the area recently. Details in the link below