Rockford Scanner™: Dirt Bike & Quad Riders Flip Off Police, Then Flee From Police in Rockford


RS Fan:
“Approximately 10 minutes ago 6 dirt bikes and two quads all with one person on it came up really fast to the intersection of Broadway and 20th heading west between cars they stopped between me and a blue Impala.

The one of the guys on a quad flipped off the driver of the Impala. The driver of the Impala told that guy to come here everyone peeled off, driver of Impala got back in the car and went to run the red light to go after them. As he did he hit his red and blue lights and they came came on.

All of them fled towards 11th Street on Broadway until they reach the railroad tracks and then they separated going down the railroad tracks and going south on 15th”

Another RS Fan:
“6 dirtbikes 2 quads broadway and 20th st ripping between cars surrounded blue impala flipped off driver driver said come here they took off driver ended up being a cop hit the lights and chased them”