Rockford Scanner™: Sources reported in another shooting incident in Rockford, Rockford police are investigating




Several sources are reporting another shooting incident in Rockford


On 9-24-18 at 6:53pm Officers responded to 1434 5th Ave. for a shooting victim. The victim was sitting in his vehicle, in front of 1434 5th Ave., when he heard gunshots. The victim was struck in the leg one time by gunfire and sustained non life-threatening injuries. He was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

The suspect is a black male in a silver Buick. Anyone with information is asked to contact Winnebago County Crime Stoppers or the Rockford Police.

This shooting incident happened on 5th Avenue near 11th St.

Shots were confirmed fired in the area and initial reports were saying that there is at least one shooting victim.

At the time of writing this it is not yet confirmed on the shooting victim. We heard they were self transported to the nearby hospital but is not yet confirmed.

No suspect information due to the police encryption

check back later for possible updates

Sphinx Aeolus: “It’s actually from 5th ave and 10 st to 9th st you can’t go down 5th ave toward 9th st or the opposite we heard approximately 40 to 50 shots all at once sounded like an ak”