Rockford Scanner™: Drug bust in Loves Park, Marijuana plants recovered



Sources are reporting a drug bust in Loves Park

Details are minimal at this time

Police raided a  house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Loves Park

Police hauled away a truck full of marijuana plants

Approximately 11 pounds of marijuana were reportedly recovered

70 year old  Gary Donaldson was arrested.

RS fan Connie Hazer said the following:
“A lot of you are seeing and sharing posts about the seventy year old that was arrested in Loves Park for growing pot with intent to deliver. Here is the real story:
This Vietnam veteran and former POW IS MY NEIGHBOR AND FRIEND. He had absolutely no intent to deliver to anyone! He suffers from immense pain from nearly daily beatings by his captors, and suffers from PTSD. He grew too much pot for his OWN use in a misguided attempt to make this a one time crop and to freeze it for his foreseeable future. It is NOT funny, it is sad. He made a mistake, by doing something that is, but should not be illegal. One population that I would like to see suffering, is big Pharma. He could legally be completely wasted on prescription drugs, and no one would say boo. The shame that this man is feeling should be felt instead by all of the people making fun of a man who ruined his future protecting yours!