Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers Working A Scene On The East Side

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A little after 8:30 pm tonight, several sources are reporting a scene on the East side.

Reports are saying there are several police officers working a scene in the neighborhood near 11th and Charles, down to Woodruff.  Sounds like the main scene might be in the area of 10th and 6th, but not confirmed

As you see, this is a large area so it is safe to assume they might have a perimeter set up in that area.

UPDATE: Sounds like it was a police chase and the suspects crashed. Then the suspects fled on foot. Police have a perimeter searching for the suspects.

Stephanie Lee “10th and 11th are blocked, it looks like from charles to roughly railroad. I didnt know Rockford had that many squad cars available on one shift. I believe I saw at least 2 with the perimeter.”

Rockford Scanner™: Stolen Vehicle Near Roscoe, Suspect Armed With Gun

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Sighting of a stolen vehicle near Roscoe.

Police spotted a stolen Blue Camry at the Fasmart on N Second st in Roscoe.

Suspect armed with a gun.

Last seen on Swanson rd

Note: Unconfirmed, but it was stolen from the North Town Mall area.

The video above, was taken from a sources security camera system as the vehicle fled

Neighbor had her kids in the front yard when the car drove through the yard almost hitting them


Rockford Scanner™: Possible water rescue in the Rock River, Still developing

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Around 5:15 PM several emergency personnel responded to a possible water rescue in Rockford.

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Rockford Scanner™: Scene at a local school numerous police officers from several jurisdictions on scene

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UPDATE:   A person had an umbrella, and someone thought it was a gun.

So they treated the scene as an active shooter scene.

The situation is wrapping up. Everyone is SAFE.

Police have reviewed the cameras and also cleared the school several times. Situation is clear and everyone is safe.  They treated this as an active shooter scene, to be safe.

The school released this:

Our school has been secured by the Rockford law enforcement agencies due to a report they received. There are no reported injuries from any student or staff member. Every student has been accounted for and has been transported to a secure location. At this time we are cooperating with law enforcement to ensure a safe and proper procedure.

Parents, we will keep you posted as to when we will dismiss


UPDATE from the police:  Berean Baptist Christian School has been evacuated after reports of a possible armed suspect, according to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office.  Treating the scene as an active shooter scene.

No injuries,  police are accounting for all the students right now. And they are bringing the students over at Anna Page School, where they are releasing the students to the parents there.

Update from a source:  “A  woman  in the parking lot around pick up time thought she saw a man go in the building with a rifle. It was a person with an umbrella with a strap on it, and after that a man ran in the building with a hammer apparently to catch the man with the rifle that was never there. Everyone is safe. The police are doing a second sweep of the school just to be sure. But false alarm. Better to be safe than sorry. And the school is always locked no matter what time it is and everyone has to be buzzed in so they would have recognized the parent with the umbrella coming in to pick up their child.”

Several sources are reporting a major scene in Rockford

Approximately 30 police officers from numerous jurisdictions are at a school, Berean Baptist school. And more police are still arriving on scene.

They have a command center and numerous officers, k-9’s, and ambulances are all on scene

It is not yet known what is going on, they are staging over at Anna |Page. They said they are going to be meeting parents of the students there

It is highly recommended to avoid this area

Students were scene crouching down and hiding behind objects. Police are setting up a perimeter in the area around the school.

it is not yet known exactly what is going on, due to the police encryption. 

As soon as we know more information we will update this


Credit: Mark Wilson

Live video from our friends at WTVO

Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Vehicle Accident, Including A School Bus With Children On It

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Around 9 am this morning, several emergency personnel were responding to an auto accident that involved a school bus with children on it.

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