Rockford Scanner™: Sources reporting another violent crime in Rockford, RPD Says “No Comment”

Several sources have contacted us this morning in reference to numerous police officers working a scene in the area of Midway, Pierce, Paradise, Overdene. 

It sounds like police may have had a police perimeter set up in the area for a violent crime suspect.  We were told that there was a shooting incident in the area and police were looking for the alleged suspect.  But it is not yet confirmed.

Rockford police said no comment and their call log shows no police calls in that area around the time that everybody was reporting multiple police officers in that area.  

As you know the Rockford police and local police encrypted the police radio systems, and now they said there’s no comment on this call so we just have to wait and see if the police decide to release any information to the public. 

We will try to update this if more information becomes available

Update: After posting this, another source said this:
Sue Mitchell  “He crashed his truck in neighbors yard and took off running police on his heels he jumped out while truck was crashing”