Rockford Scanner™: National Weather Service Has Issued A Public Information Statement


National Weather Service Has Issued A Public Information Statement

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Quad Cities IA/IL
721 AM CDT Tue Aug 28 2018

Severe Thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening 
across the area.

Thunderstorms are expected to be fast-moving this afternoon,
which means you will have less time than usual to act, and every 
second will count. Do not wait to hear thunder or see the storm.
Go immediately to a sturdy structure when a warning is issued!

Now is the time to prepare for storms.  If you intend to move
vehicles or other property into shelter, do it now.  This
is also the time to move pets or livestock to shelter as

Remember that a watch means conditions are favorable for severe
weather.  It is your head's up that severe weather is possible in
the next several hours.  A warning means that severe weather is
occurring or about to occur very shortly and that you need to
take immediate action to protect your life.

Whether you are at work, home, school, or anywhere else, identify
your safe area now and be alert for warnings. The safest place to
be during a tornado or extreme storm is in a sturdy structure
away from windows in the basement or on the lowest floor in an
interior room such as a bathroom or closet.

If you are in a mobile home, camping, or outdoors, you should
consider going to a sturdy structure long before the storms

When a warning is issued or severe weather threatens, immediately
seek shelter inside a sturdy building away from windows.  If a
tornado is possible, go to the safe area in the building

If you hear outdoor warning sirens, first go to your safe area,
then seek more information.