Rockford Scanner™: Approx. 50 Bases Were Stolen Off Of Poles Overnight, Police Searching For The Suspects & Bases




Good morning. We need your help quick this morning Beloit.

This morning around 5am approximately 50 of these decorative bases were removed from the street lights on Prairie Av north of Hart Rd.

A witness observed an older white Buick Lesabre with 2 male black subjects removing the bases. The vehicle was last seen at Prairie and Elmwood. We are looking for that car and the bases for the lights.

If you see someone removing parts to a pole and they are not in a vehicle with markings on it, or in uniform, we would always encourage you to call in a suspicious activity. If you see this vehicle today with 2 males within the next hour or so (910 am) please call 7572244 right away. Thanks.

Sgt Flanagan