Rockford Scanner™: Police Label Body Found In River, As Medical Assist. Numerous Medical Assist Calls.




Yesterday the body of a 62 year old female was pulled from the Rock River. 

Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting Numerous Police Officers At A Scene, Possible Body Found

We been trying to get information on this call, to update everyone. 

Police have been quiet and said “No Comment” and told us to file a Freedom Of Information Act request, if we wanted any updates. 

As you know, they have denied numerous FOIA requests we filed. 

They labeled this call a “Medical Assist” in their call log. 

Now take a second and look at how many “Medical Assists” are in their call logs.  

Ask yourself, is each one of these calls a body? 

Note: In the past, they have properly labeled the calls as “Found Body” 
But these days, I guess it is now just a “Medical Assist”