Rockford Scanner™: Meteor Sighting!

Around 8:40 pm tonight several meteor sightings were being reported across several states in Midwest. The meteor was reported to be going north to south and had a greenish color to it.

Did you happen to see it? Still developing and more info to come!

Report your sighting to

I, Trina Sansone and my daughter, Tasha Sansone were driving West on Harlem towards North Second St. and we both witnessed this Meteor. When we stopped at the stop light at N. 2nd and Harlem, this Meteor was very low flying in the sky.
It was literally the size of a basketball and fast but not so fast you couldn’t make it out. We actually just sat there with our mouths gaping wondering what the heck this thing was. At first it did look like a missile. It was flying straight without erratic behavior. The colors were blue, some green and a white tail and looked as if it was headed straight towards the blue water tower in the area. We never heard it because our windows were up and air was on. When we arrived at our destination our family members heard the boom which verified what we seen. They stated it sounded like a sonic boom.