Rockford Scanner™: Fire Department Investigating Fire Alarm at PetsMart

UPDATE:  Nothing has been found yet.  Crews are now investigating the roof. The dispatcher has also been trying to contact a property owner, but has been unable to so far.

The Harlem Roscoe Fire Department is investigating a general fire alarm at the Petsmart on 173.  The first units on scene are reporting no visible or audibles of smoke or fire.  They are investigating further now.


Rockford Scanner™: Power Outage in Winnebago

The Winnebago Police Department about 45 minutes ago was reporting a power outage in the Village of Winnebago.  It appears to be “isolated to the downtown and older part of the Village.”  They say Commonwealth Edison is on scene trying to locate the problem.

Rockford Scanner™: Possible Dog Bite in Rockford

Possible dog bite in the 300 block of Willard Ave in Rockford.  Details are minimal at this time due to due encryption.  From the radio chatter it sounds like the possible dog is a few houses down and might be a “pitbull mix.” Animal Control is en route.



Rockford Scanner™: Possible Electric Fire in Rockford

UPDATE:  They have downgraded the call to just one unit now.  All other units can return to service.

Several units are responding to the 420 block S Independence Ave for a possible electrical fire.  Caller is reporting their electrical box might have exploded.  One unit has arrived on stage.  It is a two store wood house.  No fire or smoke is showing at this time.  Everyone is outside the house.  Responding crews are told to stage.  This is still developing, please avoid the area.



Rockford Scanner™: Possible Fire out in Pecatonica

UPDATE:  Sounds like it had something to do with a battery.  Crews have since left the scene.

UPDATE:  Sounds like there maybe a electrical fire or electrical issue.  ComEd was called, ETA is about 45 min.

Possible fire in the 210 block of S Pecatonica Rd in Pecatonica, IL. Win-bur-sew Fire department is calling for mutual aid from Pecatonica Fire Department. Details are limited at this time, but I do know roads are being blocked off in the area, so please avoid the area and find an alternative route.  Still developing!


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Fatality in Rockford


Update from the Winnebago County Coroners Office: 

At 4:40 pm on 6-29-2018, the Coroner’s Office was contacted and informed of a traffic collision at the 4300 block of Owen Center Rd in Rockford. Upon our arrival were informed that this had been a two vehicle collision. The driver from one of the vehicles was transported to a local hospital. Two people from the other vehicle were pronounced dead on the scene.

Victim: Mr. Paul Conrad ( driver ) of Rockford, Il
Age: 66
Victim: Mrs. Sheryl Andreasen ( front seat passenger ) of Rockford, IL
Age: 62
Pronounced dead: 6-29-2018 / 5:16 pm

The death is under investigation by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.
An autopsy is pending by the Winnebago County Coroner’s Office.
Toxicology tests will be available in approximately three weeks.


Due to encryption, details are very limited.  Northwest Fire Department is requesting mutual aid from Harlem Roscoe Department for a fatality at Riverside and Central Ave.  We are not sure at this time if that is due to a car accident or something else.  Please check back for more details.  Also avoid the area at this time. 


Rockford Scanner™: Single Vehicle Crash in Belvidere

Single vehicle crash, car vs a tree at Reeds Crossing and Spring Center Rd in Belvidere, IL.  Emergency personnel are en route.  Unknown on injuries at this time.  Please avoid the area.

Rockford Scanner™: Rollover in South Beloit

Just after 5:15 pm this evening, RS fans were reporting a rollover at 251 and Gardner St in South Beloit, IL.  Upon arrival to the scene, there was a two vehicle crash blocking both westbound lanes of Gardner St, one eastbound lane of Gardner St, both north bound lanes of 251 and the left turn lane southbound on 251.  It appears a SUV t-boned the other vehicle causing it to rollover.  RS fans are saying they saw at least one person on a stretcher, but the police at the time were not able to confirm this information for us.


Rockford Scanner™: Infants Locked in Vehicle in Rockford

Two infants are locked in a car at the Sam’s Club in Rockford.  Emergency personnel are en route.  Still developing!  Due to encryption details are limited at this time and do not have any further updates.

Reminder, NEVER leave your pets or children locked in the vehicle, especially in the extreme heat we are experiencing this weekend.

Rockford Scanner™: Possible Gas Leak at Der Rathskeller

Reports of a possible gas investigation at the Der Rathskeller Restaurant on Auburn St.  Two people possibly showing signs of symptoms as well.  Still developing.