Possible Search and Rescue on The Kishwaukee River

Full Story:  Just after 7pm on June 24, 2018 a MABAS call went out for boats and divers for a water rescue near South Perryville Rd and the Kishwaukee River near Rockford, IL for four kayakers on the river. Several departments across Northern Illinois and up to 50 fireman responded to the call for four kayakers that were stuck/stranded on the river.  Some other kayakers on the river heard them calling for help and attempted to help them, but when that did not work, 9-1-1 was contacted.  All four kayakers were safely rescued for the river with no injuries to report.  Photo and video to come!


UPDATE: Four total victims, all have been safely recovered out of the water and are being checked out by medical staff now. High, fast moving water was said to be possible cause for water rescue. Photos and videos to come.

Original Post:

There is a possible search and rescue in the area of South Perryville Rd and Kishwaukee River. A MABAS call has been toned out for back up from several departments across the area for boats and divers. We have very limited information at the time of initial posting, but check back for updates.