Rockford Scanner™: Flooding Update, TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN!

Please remember if you come across a flooded roadway to turn around and don’t drown. Emergency personnel are working very hard to help people who are already stranded due to flood waters, please make their job easier by not adding to the problem!

With that being said, several areas that were experiencing flooding initially have receded, but several spots along Auburn are still experiencing major flooding including in the area of Bond Ave and Auburn. Also avoid south of Charles St to Broadway from around 11th to 20th street.

Rockford Scanner™: Current Road Closures Due to Flooding

Here is a quick list of roads that are closed due to flooding.  We will try to keep this updated as much as possible, so please keep checking back. If you have roads to add, please let us know!

  • Spring Creek Near Anderson Gardens
  • Auburn is flooded in several spots including at/by Central, Huffman, Price, Currency Exchange
  • Guilford and Alphine by Walgreens
  • Avoid Blackstone neighborhood and Ridge/Huffman area
  • Yonge St
  • Charles St from Schnucks to 9th St
  • Halsted and Robey
  • East State toward New London St, Louis Ave, Broadmoor, and Hunter
  • North Church and North Court between King and Auburn Streets
  • Roads near Bloom Elementary School
  •  North Church is underwater
  • 75 has several areas of flooding from Freeport to Rockton, 75 west of Webster Rd
  • Fairvew and Chelsea
  • Cranston Rd in Beloit, WI
  • Trainer and East State
  • Gilbert and Central
  • Van Wie and Hancock
  • Guilford and Fairview
  • Argus between Buckley and Bell School
  • Auburn and Avon
  • Shanendoah Ave and Dempster
  • Riverside between Huffman Blvd and North Main are shut down
  • Areas around Boylan HS are bad
  • Rockton and Whitman, 2 hours ago were bad
  • Charles and 20th
  • Arcádia and Kilburn completely flooded
  • 251 in front of Sinnissippi Park
  • 251 in Loves Park right after you come in heading north
  • Alpine Inn/East St ara flooded
  • Brookview and Alpine
  • Avoid Alpine and Pepper Northbound lanes are blocked off
  • Trainer and East St
  • Gladstone Neighborhood is flooded
  • 251 in front of Woodward
  • N 2nd by Sinnissippi is washed out
  • Rural, water around 3 ft deep
  • More to Come!




Rockford Scanner™: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Mercy Health Hospital Is Flooding



UPDATE: Part of Mercyhealth Hospital-Rockton Avenue has received flooding due to heavy rain. Maintaining the safety of patients and partners is a top priority. No patient occupied areas were flooded, patients were not in any danger and the hospital is not evacuating.

The hospital has put together a team that is managing the situation. The hospital regularly drills for this type of situation and is following the protocols developed as a result of those drills.

Several parts of the hospital were affected by water including the main pharmacy. Pharmacy is currently operating out of a second pharmacy location and is fully functional. Crews are working to restore the other areas as quickly as possible.

The water has affected communications including phone and email. The hospital is using a backup system for internal communication designed for situations like this.

Patient safety has guided every decision and continues to be the primary focus.

Mercy Hospital is trying to make Rockford Scanner take down the video. 

The Mercy Hospital has went on full diversion. They are not taking any new patients. 

We been told by sources they lost the phone lines and some communications. 

Some of the debris that was in the flooded waters, was needles. They told staff to treat all needles as dirty needles. 

No injuries have been reported. 




Several sources were reporting Mercy Hospital (Rockford Memorial Hospital) on Rockton in Rockford is flooding. 

FB user Fay Fajutnao Hacker, did a video from inside the hospital and showed the flooding waters on the ground floor at the hospital.

Unknown on injuries,  This is a developing story, check back later for updates 

Rockford Scanner™: Van With Juveniles In It, Floats Away In The Flooded Waters And Rolls Over. Several Emergency Personnel Are En Route


UPDATE: They have rescue divers en route to the scene 


Emergency personnel are now on scene. Sounds like it is close to the Schnucks parking lot area. Unknown on injuries at this time. Emergency personnel are trying to reach the van. Still developing, 

BREAKING:  Around 7:35 pm tonight several emergency personnel were responding to a water rescue call in Rockford. 

In the area of Charles and 22nd, a van has floated away in the flooded water.  The van was occupied and has juveniles inside it. 

Several emergency personnel are en route. Still developing




Rockford Scanner™: Several Vehicles Stuck In The Flooded Roadways, Power Outages, Etc…




 Several sources are reporting severe flooding all over the area. 

Reports of numerous people stuck in their vehicles in the flooded roadways. Several water rescue calls. 

A lot of houses are reporting their basements are flooding. 

Neighborhoods near the Sinnissippi Park area are reporting major flooding issues.  From Sinnissippi Park all the way over to Swedish American Hospital. Auburn area is flooded bad as well with numerous people trapped in their vehicles in the flooded roads. 

Power outages are also being reported. 

Winnebago County is under a severe thunderstorm warning until 7 PM. 
Flash flood warning until 12:15am

Numerous locations in the area are reporting severe flash flooding in their neighborhood.

Email us your photos and videos to


Rockford Scanner™: Hot & Humid Today, Wet & Cooler Temps On The Way


Hot and humid conditions will remain Monday, including to the lakefront. Afternoon heat indices will top out in the 98-105° range during the afternoon. Remember to practice heat safety! The heat will come to an end tonight, especially for areas north of I-80, with a round of thunderstorms for some areas. Heavy rainfall and flooding are possible with these storms.



Chances for showers and thunderstorms will increase through this afternoon as a cold front approaches. Very heavy rainfall is possible.

On Tuesday the front will not clear the area. Additional storms could have very heavy rains, with some potential flooding. There could be some marginally strong storms south of I-80.

Meanwhile north of I-80 it will be much cooler on Tuesday. The cooler conditions will spread a bit farther south Wednesday with a decreasing chance of showers and thunderstorms.