Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Police Officers Working A Scene On The East Side, Avoid This Area.


Update: Rockford Police said it was a suspicious auto



Around 7:40 pm tonight we were getting reports from several sources about a scene on the East side. 

Sources are reporting: ” 10+ police cars including undercovers,  20+ cops standing outside” near Broadway and 6th

As you know the police are encrypted, so unknown what happened. 

This sounds like this might be a very dangerous situation, so please avoid the area. 

We have heard unconfirmed reports that they might be searching for a person in connection to a shooting, but we can not confirm this at this time. 

All we can confirm is there is a very large police presence working a scene near Broadway and 6th st. 



Rockford Scanner™: A Female Ran Over A Man In Rockford, Emergency Personnel En Route




 Around 7:30 pm tonight several emergency personnel were responding to an accident in Rockford. 

A pedestrian was ran over by a vehicle near Chestnut and Henrietta. 

A man was ran over by a woman. There is a lot of yelling going on. 

Sounds like it might be a possible domestic related. 

Still developing




Rockford Scanner™: Accident In Loves Park, Injuries Reported




Verna Rivera Santiago reported an accident that happened near Elm and Windsor earlier today. 

Unknown on injuries. The cause of the accident is under investigation. 

Note: Metro Ambulance is on scene via the photo, so it appears there were injuries reported.



Rockford Scanner™: Violent Crime At A Rockton Business, Officers Investigating


Peggy Ann They we’re going after a guy, but he hit the squad car and almost hit an employee.

As you know, the police are encrypted so details are minimal right now. 

This morning several sources reported a violent crime and several officers at a scene. 

It happened near the Farm & Fleet in Rockton. 

WCSO call log shows a “In Progress: Shooting, Stabbing, Robbery”  that happened around 10:30 am




Rockford Scanner™: Rockford ranks as the most dangerous in the state, with a violent crime rate of 1,658 incidents per 100,000 residents


Top 50 Worst Cities To Live In, Rockford Is #16


16. Rockford, Illinois
> Population: 147,404
> Median home value: $89,200
> Poverty rate: 22.6%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 22.6%

The city of Rockford, Illinois, has an unemployment rate of 7.7%, the highest of any city in the state and well above the 4.9% annual U.S. jobless rate. The city also ranks as the most dangerous in the state, with a violent crime rate of 1,658 incidents per 100,000 residents in 2016 — which is more than four times the U.S. violent crime rate.

The week jobs picture and high crime likely depress property values in the city. The typical home in Rockford is worth just $89,200, less than half the median home value of $186,500 across the state.




Rockford Scanner™: Difference Between Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion




 During hot and humid weather, such as this coming weekend, a body’s ability to cool itself is challenged.

When a body heats too rapidly to cool itself properly, that person may experience a heat-related illness.

It can often sneak up though! So one has to stay extra cautious and take appropriate action to mitigate the heat effects in advance.



Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting Several Shooting Incidents Tonight in Rockford




Several sources have reported several shooting incidents in Rockford tonight. 

  • 1100 block of Mulberry
  • Alpine and State
  • Perryville and Spring Creek
  • Charles st and 14th st
  • School and Central
  • Riverside and Applewood

We have heard there might be at least one victim, but not confirmed. 

No suspect information on any of these, due to the encryption.