Rockford Scanner™: Power Outage in Rockford

UPDATE 1:30 pm:  RS Fans still reporting that the traffic lights are still out on Mulford near the Shoe Carnival.  Please use extreme caution if you are in this area and remember, if the stop lights are out, treat them like a 4-Way stop!  Please be careful in this area!

UPDATE 1:25 pm:  Appears power is slowly being restored.  Chase Bank is reporting power is coming back on.

Received several reports of a power outage in Rockford stretching from the Portillo’s near State and Mulford to Phelps Ave and includes both traffic lights and business in the area.  We are looking into this still, so this is still developing.  Please use caution if you are driving in these areas, and remember that if a traffic light is out, you treat it like a 4-Way stop.