Rockford Scanner™: Fire with Fireworks in Roscoe

Around 10:55 pm, a call came in of box of fireworks that are either on fire or are in a fire.  It is a 1 foot by 1 foot box in the 670 block of Biscayne Place in Roscoe, IL.  Harlem Roscoe Fire Department is en route.  Still developing.

Rockford Scanner™: Battery Victim in Rockford

Call came in of a battery victim just after 10:50 pm in the 1730 block of Newport Ave.  Offenders have left the scene, police and emergency personnel are en route. Still developing.


Rockford Scanner™: Auto Accident in Rockford

UPDATE:  One person will be a transported for medical eval.  Rest are sign offs/refusals.  Second ambulance and extra units were called off the call.

An auto accident is being reported at Alpine and Harrison. Reports of multiple injuries.  Second ambulance is being requested to be en route.  Please avoid this area at this time and find alternative routes!  This is still developing!

Rockford Scanner™: Rain and Storms to the North

Nice light show to the north, not to be confused with the fireworks we are live streaming on the page.  These are in the form of a more natural light show, thanks to a weakening line of storms that are slowly moving to the northeast.  It appears a weak outflow has formed out ahead of the line, which may cause our winds to shift to out of the northwest and briefly pick up a little bit.  As far as rain goes, we might see some scattered showers for along the stateline, but most should stay dry tonight.



Rockford Scanner™: Medical Call in Rockford

Medical call at the Evangelical Free Church in Rockford off Mulford, IL for a passed out female.  Still developing.

Rockford Scanner™: Smoke Investigation in Rockford

Caller reporting a smoke investigation behind Los Portales, emergency crews are in the area, but are not able to see anything.  With further investigating, they were not able to find anything and both engines are returning to the station.


Rockford Scanner™: Structure Fire in Rockford

UPDATE:  Corrected address is the 900 block of 8th Ave Court for an open burn.

UPDATE:  Due to conflicting information, the call is being downgraded to two fire trucks.  The address is unknown at this time, but open burning is ongoing.

Structure fire in Rockford in the 800 block of 8th Avenue.  Emergency personnel are en route.  Caller says flames are visible. This is still developing!


Rockford Scanner™: Medical Call – Fall Victim, Machesney Park

Around 7:20 pm, there was a medical call for the Harlem Roscoe Fire Department for a possible fall victim in the 1300 block of Gladys Dr in Machesney Park, IL.  Emergency personnel are en route. Still developing.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Heat Stroke, Whiskey’s Roadhouse in Rockford

Just before 7:15 pm, a medical call came in for someone having possible heat stroke at Whiskey’s Roadhouse in Rockford.  Emergency personnel are on scene.

Rockford Scanner™: Man Down in Rockford

Just before 7 pm, a call came in for a man down at 451 Lafayette Ave, otherwise known as Haight Park.  There is a report of a white male that is down in the park.  Emergency personnel are en route as well are two park officers.  This is still developing. Please avoid the area.

First fire truck has arrived.