Rockford Scanner™: Updated Weather Page!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As I am sure many of you have noticed, the website has been updated a little bit.  With that, we completely overhauled the “Rockford Scanner Weather Page” and we wanted to give just a brief overview of what is new!

The new weather page will feature this live weather display (pictured below) at the top of the page, giving you the current sky and weather conditions, temperature, winds and more.  In the bottom right corner of the graphic, it says forecast.  If you click it, it will give you the forecast for the day before, today, and also for the future.



If you scroll a little farther down on the page, the next section is the “Weather Story” from the NWS in Chicago (pictured below).  The NWS in Chicago updates this periodically throughout the day with the newest forecast, outlook, or advisory they might have for across their County Warning Area (CWA).  Since the Rockford area falls under their CWA, that is why we are featuring it on our page.  Within the weather story, there can sometimes be more than one tab you can click on.  In the example below, for instance, there is a tab for “Drier weather on the horizon” and “Any wind damage? We Need Your Help With Reports” which you can click on both to see.


Below the weather story, we have added an interactive current radar mosaic that allows you to zoom in/out and look at weather all across the country! The radar image updates every 5 minutes.  It may take a second to load the image or radar data, but just be patient, it will load!  In the near future, we may add local storm reports, storm tracks, and lightning to this map or add a separate map with this information.


Last but not least, we have a map with the current NWS Advisories, Watches, and Warnings.  This map is also interactive, which means you can zoom in/out or look at the advisories all across the Country.  In the upper left corner of the map, there are two arrows that you can click to get the legend for any and all advisories, watches, and warnings as well.  Same with the current radar image, it may take a few seconds to load, so please be patient!


Come the winter months, we hope to also add an interactive map with the Winter Road Conditions.  So look forward to that future update as well!  We hope you enjoy the new weather page and any helpful comments or suggestions are welcome!