Rockford Scanner™: Police Officer Involved In An Accident

Police Officer Involved In An Accident


We wish one of our officers well as he is recovering from minor injuries after the squad car he was driving was t-boned at the intersection of Hackett and North streets around 6:30 p.m.  (Sunday).

Our officer was traveling northbound on Hackett Street when the accident occurred. Witnesses reported the driver of the other vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed on North Street before the accident occurred.

The driver is in custody and is being evaluated for a possible operating while intoxicated charge; the Rock County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the accident.

Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident On Route 2, Possible Fatal


UPDATE: Winnebago County Coroner says the victim is 39-year-old Barbara Whitescarver. She passed away from trauma to the head and neck from the auto accident. 


The woman approx. 39 years old has passed away. She had to be extricated and a medical helicopter flew her to a local emergency room, where she was pronounced dead. The cause of the accident is under investigation. 

This afternoon several emergency personnel were on scene of a very serious accident in Winnebago County. 
It happened on Route 2 between Gleasman and Roscoe rd, near Roscoe.  Injuries were reported. Sources say this is a fatal accident, but we can not yet confirm this. Avoid the area of awhile, while emergency personnel investigate the scene. Still Developing

Credit: Derek Dee

Rockford Scanner™: Local Man Goes Missing, Family Asking The Public For Help



Search for Kyle Rogers – Update

On 5/17/2018 approximately 6:55 pm the Belvidere Fire Department was called regarding a possible body floating in the Kishwaukee River in the Belvidere Park in the area of the dam.

Belvidere Police and Fire personnel responded, secured the area, and Belvidere firefighters recovered a body from the water. The Boone County Coroner’s Office removed the body from the scene.

On 5/18/2018 an autopsy was performed where the Boone County Coroner’s Office and Belvidere Police Department were able to make a positive identification of the body that was recovered from the Belvidere Park. The following is an excerpt from Coroner Rebecca Wigget’s press release.

“The body recovered from the Kishwaukee River in the Belvidere Park on Thursday 05/17/18 has been positively identified as Kyle R. Rogers, age 23 years. Mr. Rogers resides in Belvidere, IL. The preliminary results of a forensic autopsy performed on 05/18/18, show the preliminary cause of death to be drowning. This death is not considered to be suspicious at this time. This death remains under the investigation of the Boone County Coroner’s Office and the Belvidere City Police Department. No further information is available at this time.”

The Belvidere Police Department would like to thank all the men and women from the community who assisted with either providing information, support of the family, or passing out fliers. The Belvidere Police Department appreciates all the help and support of all the different agencies that came together to bring Kyle home.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Rogers family during this devastating time.

Boone County Coroner’s Office  has confirmed the body that was recovered from the Kishwaukee River has been identified as Kyle Rogers.

The coroner’s office says the autopsy results show that Kyle Rogers drowned. His death is not being considered suspicious. The death remains under investigation by the coroner’s office and the BPD


Search for Kyle Rogers

Kyle Rogers family and the Belvidere Police Department continue the search and investigation into the disappearance of 23 year old Kyle Rogers.

Over the past several days detectives have been following up hundreds of leads that have come in from all over the Stateline. In addition to countless hours of investigation investigators have coordinated efforts with Belvidere and Rockford Fire Departments, Boone County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), and Ogle County Sheriffs Department to conduct searches from the ground, water, and air. Belvidere and Rockford Fire along with EMA used water penetrating sonar devices to search the Kishwaukee River in an attempt to locate any information that Kyle may have entered the water.

The Belvidere Police Department has conducted numerous hours of land searches in addition to Ogle County Sheriff’s Office conducting searches of the river and surrounding areas utilizing drones that mapped out and photographed several miles of terrain.

The Belvidere Police Department would like to thank all the men and women who have assisted in the investigation and would ask anyone with information to please contact the Belvidere Police Department at 815-547-6445 or email or by phone at 815-547-7867.

RS fan Aubree Rogers

Thursday night my brother Kyle Rogers went to the Apollo Theater in Belvidere for a concert. After the show ended he was last seen by friends walking towards Buchanan’s bar. His last snapchat photo was captioned at Buchanan’s but after comparing the photo to what we’ve seen it looks like he was actually at Niko’s bar. He never came home.

At this point his phone is dead and no one has seen or heard from him.

We’re posting this in the hope of gaining any information anyone might have.

He lives down W Lincoln Ave off N State street within walking distance of the Apollo.

Rockford Scanner™: Local Emergency Personnel In the Process Of Trying To Rescue A Dig From The River


Around 8 PM tonight the Rockford Fire Department, Animal Control, Local police agencies were in the process of trying to rescue a dog in the Rock River. 

Details are minimal, due to the encryption.  There is a White dog approx. 20 lbs that was in the river. Last seen southbound in the river from Auburn st bridge. 

Still developing

Rockford Scanner™: Chance for Severe Weather Again Today

That’s right, we again have a Marginal (1 out of 5) to Slight (2 out of 5) risk for Severe Weather with large hail and damaging winds being the main threat.  The reason for this continued threat over the last fews has been due to a frontal boundary that has stalled out just to our south over Central Illinois.  It is time for a quick lesson in meteorology and storm development.  There are three ingredients that are needed for storm development, just your average storm:

  1. Moisture (dewpoint) [Generally want your dewpoint to be 55F or more, but can vary based on the type of convection]
  2. Instability (CAPE)  [Dependent on the season, but generally 1000 J/kg is ideal]
  3. Source of Lift (Boundary, Front, etc)

For Severe Storm development there is one more ingredient that is needed, and this is the KEY between seeing severe storms and your average thunderstorm.  That fourth ingredient is Shear.  Shear is the change or increase in winds with height and direction.  This can be broken down further into Directional Shear and Speed Shear.  Directional shear is the change of wind direction with height. While Speed shear is the change in wind speed with height.  Shear is important because it helps thunderstorms tilt with height allowing for the storm to sustain itself longer by keeping the updraft separate from the down draft. Which will help with the development of a mesocyclone (rotating updraft that defines a supercell), which can further lead to the development of a tornado if other factors align just right.  For the record, this is really, really dumbed down, and much more goes into this.

If you haven’t fallen asleep yet or stopped reading you might be asking, why does this matter?  Well, for today’s setup, all four of these ingredients need to come together in order for us to see a repeated threat for severe weather.  Generally speaking, dewpoints across the area are around 55F or higher.  The source of lifting, in simple terms, is going to be the boundary just to our south.  The limiting factor right now is our CAPE, which according to the Mesoscale Analysis from the SPC is basically nothing.  That is supposed to increase though this afternoon to between 2000-3000 J/kg, which is more than enough instability.  When it comes to shear, thanks to that boundary, winds at the surface are out of the east.  As we go up with height, between 925-850 mb,  the winds shift to out of the southwest, which means we have great turning with height in our lower levels. Above that at 700 mb, our winds are out of the west and at 500 mb they are out of the west-northwest.  Great shear profile, but because we are north of the boundary, all our storms will be what we like to call elevated and not surfaced based.  This is why we are talking about a large hail threat initially, that could transition to a more straight line wind threat late tonight as winds start to become more parallel, or unidirectional with height (winds are all in one direction).  If the storms were surface based, then we would have a better chance for tornado development, but the storms will be too high off the ground to favor that.

So to summarize, Marginal to Slight risk for severe weather late this afternoon and evening, into the late overnight hours.  An initial round of showers and storms may move through around 4 pm this afternoon with a threat for large hail and wind.  The main focus though is around Midnight as a cluster of showers and storms will enter the Rockford area.  More recent model runs have been trending it around or just after Midnight, so that is something that we will keep an eye on.

I am sorry if this post was too long, I just felt it would be a good time to give a crash course in what it is meteorologist are looking at when it comes to forecasting thunderstorms.  It was also a great excuse for me to talk about today’s severe weather threat while also incorporating a very small amount of Mesoscale Meteorology ahead of my final.



Rockford Scanner™: 48 Hour Rainfall Round Up!

First off, Happy Mother’s Day!

The National Weather Service in Chicago recently shared the 48 hour Observed Rainfall totals, the Rockford area sitting in the 0.25″ – 1.00″ range as of 8 am this morning (graphic below).  If you have a rain gauge, how much did you measure?




Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video: Police Kick A Door In, possible Drug Bust



A source has sent us a video of police kicking in a door of a residence. 

It happened near 6th in Belvidere. 

Unknown why they kicked the door in, at the time of posting this. 

We been told it was a possible drug bust, but not confirmed.