Rockford Scanner™: Local Teacher Seeking Donations For New Tables For Her Classroom


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Ms. Miller at Rockton grade school:
With New Tables – We Can Do Anything!

My students need new tables as a place to complete their work while having room to spread their materials out and get around the room easily.

My Students

My students love moving around the room and participate in what we are doing. They love to get up and work in groups, as well as use flexible seating to meet with their partner or group.

First graders like to have plenty of work space which the desks just do not provide.

They are eager to learn and love role play and hands on activities. My students love to work with their hands. These tables will help my students learn better and faster.

My Project

These tables will make a huge difference. My students will be able to communicate with one another at their table in a quiet voice. They will also have everything they need right at their table. Students will be able to maneuver around the classroom to get materials they need or go to the center they need to be at without disturbing the other students like it is now. This would completely change and help our classroom routine and set up. I know exactly where every table will go, and it will be perfect. My students will love the change and ease of these tables.

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Full details at  ~ CLICK HERE