Rockford Scanner™: Alien Comes Up Missing In Winnebago County, Have You Seen Him?



I would like your help in finding my green cement alien… he is about 3 feet tall, seated in lotus position, with arms outstretched and hands together as if he is waiting to receive a gift. Unfortunately his gift was him leaving my front step at the hands of some miscreants. I desperately want him back. There’s a $50 reward for his return or information regarding his current location. I can’t imagine anyone could love him more than I do — you’ll see he is very cute in a couple of his costumes (Halloween and what he thought was appropriate while waiting to see an eclipse). He was last seen wearing winter clothing. Note: a great deal of paint is gone from his hands. Won’t you please help me find him? Share this information, forward, do whatever you can. I really want him back. Or if it was you, just return him, no questions asked and no prosecution.
Thanks much — Jan at