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January 11th: RS fan Joe Satterlee:

“These are pics of that jack knife semi trailer on Owen center just past elmwood Rd yesterday my brother was involved in it he had gone into the ditch and was able to get out before the semi took out his trailblazer everyone was ok”

Around 6:11 am this morning an officer was out with an accident near the area of Owen Center and Latham. Scanner traffic is saying there is a semi that has jack knifed near this location. Officers have closed down the roadway in the area.

Officer on scene said the roads are like an “Ice rink out here”

Update: A vehicle nearly missed an officer. They are shutting down Owen center and Elmwood.

Location Note: Might be on Meridian

Unknown on injuries.

NOTE: Several accidents are starting to come across the scanner.

Officer said Prairie Hill is a sheet of ice as well.
UPDATE: Several emergency personnel reporting many roads in the area are a sheet of ice.

ROCKFORD – January 10, 2017 – The City of Rockford Public Works Department will begin salting Residential Routes and monitoring Arterial Routes at 7:00 a.m. today.

Decisions about further deployment will be made, as needed, according to developing conditions.

Citizens are urged to follow at a safe distance behind snowplows.  This will prevent the salt that is being spread from hitting your vehicle and the added distance also allows a driver room to back up if needed.


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