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RS Fan Faye  “Hey me and my friend were shot at and the police haven’t taken it seriously because it was just a suped up BB gun , we were chased down by two vehicles on a high speed chase trying to avoid being shot at and on the phone with 911, the dispatcher wanted us to pull over and park while we were being chased by two Cars with a total of nine people between the two while being shot at, we pulled into a church and they cornered us and we had to drive through the grass and over the curb to avoid physical harm, finally lost then going down alpine turning onto riverside and pulled into a Wendy’s where The cops arrived and we stepped out of the vehicle and I took my purse with me and we talked with the cops and I took a seat and set my purse next to me until it was my turn to talk to the police still in shock at how we were chased down and shot at with a suped up BB gun that did some pretty deep damage to the car I gave the officer my statement then sat in the car, I left my purse and it was stolen… I wanted to tell you all this in hopes you could make a post looking for my wallet.. it’s been a terrible day.”


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