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Around 11:04 PM several emergency personnel were dispatched to the area of 20th st and Samuelson rd.  Initial scanner traffic is saying a vehicle has rolled over and injuries are being reported.  At least one person is trapped.  Extrication is being requested.  . The vehicle is reported to be in a field near the southwest part of the intersection .  At least four vehicles are reported to be involved .  Children are also involved . Several emergency personnel are en route to the scene.

UPDATE: At least two people ejected. Many people injured. The location is closer to Lookout Drive on 20th st.  One person involved is believed to be under the influence. This sounds like a very bad accident, please avoid the area.

UPDATE: Officer is now saying they were not ejected, only out in the field.  The one person injured is the suspected person under the influence.

RS Fan Rob Warkins  “My wife and daughter and friend were involved in this accident, as they were rear ended by a drunk driver going over 100mph.. Causing them to break the phone pole in half.. my family is banged up, but alive..”




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