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From the BPD:

We wanted to update you on a case we are working on from overnight. We know some of you called in a report of shots fired near Elmwood/Robinsion Av. Additional tips led us to check a house in the 2400 block of Robinson Dr. It was discovered that shots had been fired at that location.

During our investigation it was discovered that a pitbull living at this house that belonged to Donald J Stenberg began to attack a couple of the people in the house. Stenberg retrieved a firearm and fired multiple times at the dog hitting it at least 2 times.

Stenberg is a convicted felon, and he was arrested for Felon in Possession of a Firearm as well as Endangering Safety by use of a Dangerous Weapon for arming himself while under the influence of alcohol.

We wanted folks that live in that area to know what you might of heard, and that there is no further risk to you or your family.




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