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Rockford Scanner Fan:  ” Hey Rockford scanner I was wondering if I gave you some pictures if you could post them to help catch some robbers from Sunday.

On Sunday you posted at 11:30 at mobile a young male in his 20s White robbed the mobile gas station. I work at that gas station and earlier in the day at 7:30pm 2 black men came in separately one distracted me in the back with a beer asking questions to find some ingredients on the box that he was allergic to, while I was helping him the other short black man in the dark clothing snuck in behind the counter and stole my wallet out of my purse. All happening within 45 seconds of me helping the other black man he was in and out, all caught on video with my wallet in hand as he was exiting the counter area.

I was wondering if you can post my two pictures of the black man that took my wallet to help catch them and the other picture of the white male that robbed the third shift guy which The younger male you can’t really see his face because he has a bandanna on, but that’s the one that robbed the third shifter.

Within 20 minutes of them having my wallet they used it at a Dunkin’ Donuts which of course I’ve already put a cancellation on my card and reported it and have a police report. If you can help that would be great thank you”


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