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The internal investigation regarding the arrest of Officer Chad Sullivan for OWI in the State of Arizona has been completed and discipline determined. Officer Sullivan and Officer Bradley Rau were on a recruiting assignment in Arizona at the time of the incident. The officers were off-duty driving a rental vehicle secured by department funds.

Accordingly, both officers were responsible for the care and operation of the vehicle and in the event of any death, damage, or injury that would occur due to the operation of the vehicle, the City could be held responsible. Before operation of the vehicle, Officer Sullivan and Rau consumed intoxicants. Officer Sullivan then drove the vehicle while intoxicated. Officer Rau knew, or should have known, of Officer Sullivan’s intoxicated state and failed to stop Officer Sullivan from operating the vehicle and elected to be a passenger in the vehicle.

Both officers violated Janesville Police Department Policy. The officers agreed to accept the following discipline:

Officer Sullivan
• 20 work-day suspension without pay,

Officer Rau
• 10 work-day suspension without pay.

In addition, both officers have agreed to the following: attend an alcohol assessment, limited overnight city-funded travel, and public disclosure of the matter.

In considering the level and amount of discipline, the following were taken into consideration:

• The severity of the law and policy violations.
• The officers’ length of service with the department (Officer Sullivan – 18 years, Officer Rau – 17 years).
• The officers’ performance during their career.
• The officers’ cooperation with officials in Arizona.
• The officers’ acceptance of responsibility for their actions.

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