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From the Rockford PD:

On Sunday 9/25/16 at around 0225 hrs Officers responded to 4312 E State St in reference to an aggravated discharge of a firearm complaint.  Upon arrival officers learned that the building at 4312 E State St had been struck by gunfire.  Officers also located two vehicles in the parking lot behind 4312 E State St that had also been struck by gunfire.  Officers located several spent shell casings in the parking lot behind 4312 E State St.

There were no reported injuries.  This is an ongoing investigation.  Anyone with information is urged to call Rockford Police.

Around 2:30 am this morning several Rockford Scanner fans were reporting a shootout at four different locations (Possibly more)
#1 Alpine and State
#2 State and Fairview
# 3 East High School area
#4 On Broadway near 7th st

Rockford police are encrypted, so these reports are via RS Fans. Keep up the good work and keep the reports coming in. 

Jennifer: ” Heard about 30 shots near state and fairview from multiple guns and a girl screaming.”

Liliana: “About 15 shots around east high school”

Johnathon: ” A ton of shots fired near Alpine and State. Heard multiple victims hit”  (Unconfirmed)

Heather: “OMG there was many shots fired near Broadway near Crusader Clinic and many cops are all over the area now”

RS fan: “I heard over 75 plus shots fired south of Alpine and State. Heard sirens after the first 25 shots”

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