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Rockford Scanner Fan Jennifer O’leary:

” I am so disgusted with the way I was treated just now. I was pumping my gas at the BP on the corner of E State and Fairview, I looked down and noticed that gas was leaking from the hose so I turned the pump off and it literally started spraying everywhere! It got all over my clothes, all over the inside of my car, and on my baby who was sitting in the backseat. When I walked inside to ask for the clerk for help all he did was get rude with me and said “why would you keep pumping?!” I explained that I turned the pump off right away and he put a bag over the pump and walked back inside. I walked back on and asked politely for a refund and he began yelling at me and refusing. I asked him for his managers number and he handed me a receipt and told me it was on there. I walked back out to my car and looked at it and there was no number. So I walked back inside and said please give me the phone number, it’s not on here. He refused, began yelling at me again (I began crying) and told me there was no manager or corporate number. He also yelled at me in front of multiple people and said that I was a liar and that there was no gas on me or in my car. A nice woman inside walked outside with me and looked up the corporate number for me. (Funny how he told me there wasn’t one) Corporate says there is nothing that they can do other than forward the complaint because they are “independently owned”. I will NEVER go here again. I am appalled by how I was treated and how he YELLED at me in front of other people and my child and called me a liar. I am a hard working person with manners and tact! Please share this and get the word out so people know how terrible my experience was. I hope that somehow something is done about it.”



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