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Today, September 7th, 2016 I am announcing my decision to run for Mayor of the City of Rockford. I am out gathering signatures to get on the ballot and appreciate all the overwhelming support that I am receiving.

I was born and raised here in Rockford, Illinois and choose to live here. I am tired of seeing the direction that our City of Rockford has been heading the past 12 plus years. From talking with and listening to people I am definitely not alone.
High Crime, High Taxes, High Unemployment
We can do better! We deserve better!
The election is April 4, 2017. Republican Primary, if necessary, is February 28, 2017
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Rockford Scanner had a chance to talk to Brian. He said that in order to help keep Rockford safe, you need a few things. Keeping the scanners open to the public was a priority of his. he said one of the first things he was going to do was De-Crypt the radio airwaves. He said the public is more safe when they know what is going on. Not finding out several hours later.  This alone, Rockford Scanner fully supports Brian Leggero.  he also said he planned on cleaning up the community and weeding out the corruption and having the complete audit of the City.   We truly believe his word and Rockford Scanner stands behind Brian Leggro!




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