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Several Rockford Scanner fans have contacted us and said there is a large plane that is circling the area.

This is a KC-135.  They fly into the Rockford Airport (KRFD)  and practice doing touch and go’s on the Rockford Airport runways.

They do this a few times a week.  It is actually really neat to watch.

Many do not know, but the Rockford Airport hosts many types of aircraft. Both civilian and military.   They come in to refuel, practice touch and go’s, to be serviced, etc…      Rockford Airport has proven it can hold even the largest of the largest aircraft on its runways.

Runway 7/25 (East/West) is approx. 10,000 feet long!

Runway 1/19 (North/South) is approx. 8,200 feet long!

Rockford Airport is plane spotter friendly.  So be sure to go out there and watch the aircraft as they come in.

More information on plane spotting at the Rockford Airport ~

We want to thank all the fans for the heads up on the KC-135


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