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Several Rockford Scanner fans have said that a 3 year old boy went missing at the Walmart on Northridge in Rockford this afternoon.

Rockford police are encrypted, so there is no description of the boy or any updates.

They said a code adam was said, and shortly afterwards there were multiple officers on scene.

Denise Crown-Berg I was there when they issued the code adam..they said he had a red and white shirt on blue jeans and black shoes. that was all they said. when i left he still had not been found. and that was about 12:45pm

Chris Reese Doherty I was shopping at Walmart when the child went missing. An Adam Alert announcement came across the sound system every 2-3 minutes stating his description. Everyone was talking about, praying and looking for the child the entire hour I was there.


UPDATE: Walmart employee is saying that it was a prank phone call, and that the boy was never missing. Officers were on scene a long time investigating.

The Walmart thing was a prank phone call the child was never at the store. Caller pranked the store saying he left his brother there. After pulling tapes and investigating he was never there



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