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Scanner Audio Of The Intense Police Chase


Around 12:17 am this morning a county officer had another vehicle flee from them near Arthur and Shelly headed eastbound doing approx. 70 mph. The officer was chasing the suspect. At the time of writing this, the suspect was eastbound on Auburn. They haven’t said the description of the vehicle yet.

Update: Northbound on Central doing approx. 80 mph

UPDATE: They calling for spike strips, near Owen Center and Latham.  The vehicle hit a curb.  They are doing 75 mph headed northbound coming up to Latham.

UPDATE: The suspect almost hit the officer.  Doing 75 mph coming up to Clikeman.

UPDATE: They have stop sticks, and are trying to deploy them. They are near Freeport rd.  They are going to try to box the vehicle, but it didnt work.

UPDATE: Coming up to a dead end near Shirland rd.  they are doing almost 90 mph.

UPDATE at 12:30 am: Shirland and Meridian, an officer was rammed when he tried to box the suspect in.  They are saying 10-50 and are requesting medical.

Update: One in custody. And at least 2 suspects in the fields. Officer said the fields are approx. 2 feet of mud and water.

Update: Requesting crime scene to the scene

Update: They had the K-9 tracking a suspect, but called it off at 1:08 am, at the river.



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